Fulbright Economics Teaching Program
Academic year 2005-2006
Case Studies for Policy Anal ysis
Assignment 4-5
Nguy.n H.u Lam
Fulbright Economics Teaching Program
Academic year 2005-2006
Summer Term
Case Studies for Policy Analysis
Assignment 4 & 5
Analysis of Dung Quat Refinery
Problem 4 (due: Thursday, 25/8/2005)
1. As representative of the assigned group, group leader will present
collective concerns relating the Dung Quat Refinery Case (focus should be
put on analysis supported with rationale and data, avoid generalization).
2. Based on owned group perspective, what are objective, fair and desirable
procedures that can lead to a right decision serving the nation interest.
Problem 5 (due: Monday, 29/9/2005)
1. What are problems that need to be solved in the case.
2. What are specific standards that a right decision for the Dung Quat case
should meet. What should be done to respond to different concerns and
benefits of stakeholders.
3. What are possible solutions to this case. Why.