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The difference between vaccination and treatment

Both vaccination and treatment can be given by injection. It is therefore important to understand that vaccination is not the same as treatment, so that you can use vaccines and medicines properly to prevent and treat diseases in your animals.




This farmer vaccinates his animals


Animals being vaccinated

The animals are protected when germs try to attack them

The other farmer does not vaccinate his animals


The animals are not vaccinated, and are therefore not protected when germs attack them

Germs make the animals sick, and they may even die



This farmer's animals are now sick

He runs to the state veterinary office for advice about how to treat the sick animals


The farmer and the state veterinarian treat the animals with medicine

The medicine kills the germs and the animals are healthy again

Vaccination is not treatment

Warning! Read the instructions carefully. Some vaccines and medicines should not be used for pregnant animals

For further information about how to prevent and treat diseases in your animals, speak to your state veterinarian or animal health technician or contact

Animal Health for Developing Farmers Programme
ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute
Private Bag X05
Onderstepoort 0110

Illustrations by C D Seegers

Compiled by Directorate Communication, National Department of Agriculture in cooperation with ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute

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