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Pesticides: poisoning

Take the following precautions

Handle products according to the instructions on the label.

Inform workers who apply chemicals of the signs and symptoms of poisoning.

Make sure that clean water and soap for washing are always available.

Have an extra set of clothes handy in case spilling occurs.

Signs and symptoms of poisoning





Muscular weakness


Blurred vision


Tremors of tongue and eyelids

Excessive salivation



In case of contact or contamination with a chemical, an open respiratory tract is critically important because of breathing and circulation.

Inform your local doctor which chemicals have been used.

Get medical attention as soon as possible

If the person is breathing normally

Remove from area of exposure.

Remove clothes and wash the contaminated body parts with water for about 10 minutes.

Keep warm.

If unconscious, turn patient on stomach.


If a person has swallowed chemicals, do not induce vomiting if not indicated on the label

If a person has


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