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The SA Boer Goat - Extracts from history

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The SA Boer Goat - Extracts from history

The SA Boer Goat is purely indigenous to Africa and more so to South Africa . With the development and enobling of the Boer Goat no cross-breeding or foreign species were used. In fact only by means of brilliant selection and breeding from indigenous animals this enobled race was developed.

This extraordinary achievement was the work of a handful of farmers from the Eastern Cape in South Africa . One of the pinnacles in the history of the Boer Goat was the establishment of the South African Boer Goat Breeders' Association in Somerset East on 4 July 1959 . The first Chairperson of the Association was Mr. T B Jordaan with his secretary Mr. P B (Syce) Botha.

What followed was a continues improvement of an already existing breed by a broad spectrum of highly qualified and valued breeders throughout SA and Namibia following a healthy breeding policy. In this relatively short period of 43 years, the SA Boer Goat has developed into the most favoured meat goat in the world, producing a low calorie, heart friendly meat.

This great achievement necessitates a word of thanks and praise to all the previous Presidents, Secretaries, Board members, judges, Inspectors and especially the SA Boer Goat breeders, to whom this booklet is dedicated.


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