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Expert consultation on planning the development of sundrying techniques in Africa

Proceedings of the Expert Consultation on Planning the Development of Sundrying Techniques in Africa

Rome, 1985


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I. Recommendations

II. Introduction

III. Summary of work and principal conclusions

IV. Technical papers

4.1. Report of first preparatory mission on improvement and development of sun-drying techniques in Africa
4.2. Report of second preparatory mission on improvement and development of sun-drying techniques in Africa
4.3. Socio-economic dimension of sun-drying technology applied to food
4.4. Development a pilot project in Fiji
4.5. Marketing considerations in the promotion and development of sundried products (methodological approach)
4.6. Marketing consideration in the promotion and development of sundried products
4.7. Sundrying of fodder: application to other grass products
4.8. Proposal for an international network of research on small scale sundriers
4.9. Solar drying of agricultural produce in Israel present experience and future prospects
4.10. Improved sun-drying and solar drying: basic considerations and selected applications
4.11. Photodegradation of plastics
4.12. Schage solaire au Maroc
4.13. Amlioration du schage solaire des lgumes

V. Country status reports

5.1. Le schage des fruits, tubercules, lgumes et epices au Cameroun
5.2. Production of sun dried products for local distribution by development of an integrated technology in Ethiopia
5.3. Expose sur les possibilites d'amlioration du schage solaire des fruits, tubercules, lgumes et pices au Gabon
5.4. African workshop for improvement and development of drying fruits in Ghana
5.5. Dveloppement du schage des fruits, lgumes, tubercules et pices en Cte d'Ivoire
5.6. The Kenya case
5.7. Possibilites, dveloppement du schage solaire des produits vgtaux au Maroc
5.8. Situation du schage naturel des fruits, tubercules, lgumes et pices au Niger
5.9. Sundrying of fruits, vegetables, drain, legumes root and tuber crops in Nigeria
5.10. Dveloppement du schage fruits, produits vgtaux, tuber-cules et pices au Sngal
5.11. Sun-drying of fruits, vegetables, spices, tubers and other perishable products in Tanzania
5.12. Perspectives de sechage des fruits et legumes en Haute-Volta
5.13. Bref expose sur le sechage des produits agricoles vegetaux a part les cereales, poissons et viandes au Zaire