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Right storage of insecticides

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Edem B. is also wondering why Yao K has suffered such huge losses although he seems to have done everything correctly He divided up the harvest as recommended, thinks Edem B. he used the right insecticide, he only treated the long-term maize store with it He looks at the remaining powder again, and notices that it is very lumpy

Edem: Was the powder as lumpy as that when you treated your cons? Or was it finer?

Yao: it had lots of smaller and bigger lumps in it that I crumbled before using it, and it was damp

Edem: Ah! Now I know what caused the damage There are unfortunately a lot of unscrupulous money-makers who sell powder that of en has no effect at all, or is even dangerous.

Careful-tricksters !

Edem: Your insecticide is useless it has not been properly stored and has possibly been stored too long which makes it lose its effect

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