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Organisation: Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) (http://www.apcc.org.sg)
Author: P.G.Punchihewa and R.N. Arancon
Edited by AGSI/FAO: Danilo Mejia (Technical), Beverly Lewis (Language&Style), Carolin Bothe (HTML transfer)

CHAPTER XV COCONUT: Post-harvest Operations

7. Annex

7.1 List of Tables

1. World Area of Coconut, 1992-1996

2. World Production of Coconuts in Nut Equivalents, 1992-1996

3. Quality Standard for Copra in the Philippines: Classes of Copra Based on Method of Drying and Appearance

4. Grades of Copra Used in the Philippines Based on Moisture Content

5. Contract Terms for Trading Copra in India Based on Moisture Content and Appearance

2. Copra Classification in Papua New Guinea

7. Proximate Composition in Percent of Selected Types of Desiccated Coconut
7.2 List of Figures

1 Potential Products from the Coconut Palm

2. Coconut: Tree of Life - Its Parts and End

3. Climbing Method of Harvesting Products Coconut

4. Palm Climbing Device in India

5. Coconut Dehusking Tool

6. Sun Drying Copra

7. Sun-Dried Copra Cups

8. Direct Smoke Copra Dryer

9. Semi-Direct Smoke Copra Dryer

10. Modified Kukum Hot-Air Copra Dryer

11. Cocopugon Hot-Air Brick Copra Dryer

12. Dry Process of Coconut Oil Manufacturer

13. Process Flow of the Hot-Oil Drying Technology (HOID) of Extracting Coconut Oil

14. Villager Using the Traditional Coconut Grater in Tanzania

15. Rotary Coconut Grater

16. Ram Press Operated by Women in Zanzibar

Coconut Alcoholic Beverage - Arrack

18. Moulded Coconut Sugar

19. Coconut Jam

20. Extraction of Coconut Fibre

21. Women Extracting Coconut Fibre in Sri Lanka

22. Flow Chart of Processing in the Production of Coir


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