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Eliminating World Poverty: A Challenge for the 21st Century - White Paper on International Development, 1997, 86 p.

Table of Contents

Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State
for International Development
by Command of Her Majesty November 1997

“Together you and I will begin to build the new society, a society in which each of us has the chance to grow, to achieve, to contribute, to create dignity for ourselves, and not for ourselves alone, but for others also; a society in which each of us has a stake, a share; and we will give back to our children what they deserve - a heritage of hope.”

Tony Blair
April 1997

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Secretary of State for International Development


SECTION 1 - The Challenge of Development

SECTION 2 - Building Partnerships

The Complexities of Development
Multilateral Development Assistance
The Bilateral Programme - Partnerships for Development
The Bilateral Programme - Partnerships in Britain

SECTION 3 - Consistency of Policies

The Importance of Consistency
The Environment
Trade, Agriculture and Investment
Promoting Political Stability, Social Cohesion and Responding Effectively to Conflict
Promoting Economic and Financial Stability

SECTION 4 - Building Support for Development

List of Abbreviations

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