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Appendix Two: List of Project Papers

1. Learning to Compete - African Education, Training and Small Enterprise Development in the Era of Globalisation: Simon McGrath and Kenneth King

2. The Methodological Challenge of Researching Education, Training and Small Enterprise Development in the Age of Globalisation: Kenneth King and Simon McGrath

3. Reforming South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Simon McGrath

4. Policy Coherence in Education, Training and Enterprise Development in South Africa- The Implementation Challenge of New Policies: Kenneth King

5. From Policy to Practice- Education, Training and Self-Employment in Kenya: Simon McGrath

6. Research and Policy Issues in Kenya's Small Scale and Jua Kali Enterprises (SSJKE): Kenneth King

7. Globalising Ghana- Education, Training and Small Enterprise Development: Dela Afenyadu

8. Enterprise Education in South Africa: Kobus Visser

9. From National Project to Sectoral Policies- Examining Ghana's 2020 Vision: Simon McGrath

10. Ghanaian Policy Responses to International Pressures: Dela Afenyadu

11. The Widening Gap between Theory and Practice in Education in Kenya, 1985-1997: Henry Oketch

12. The Gauteng Manufacturing SME Economy- Present Status and Future Prospects: Christian Rogerson

13. Rethinking Small Enterprise Development- Between Poverty and Growth: Kenneth King and Simon McGrath

14. Further Education and Training in South Africa- The Acid Test for Integration: Simon McGrath

15. The Export and Growth Potential of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the South African Clothing Industry: Kobus Visser

16. Changes in Practice and Students' Aspirations in the Era of Globalisation: Dela Afenyadu

17. Education, Technical Training and Enterprise: Henry Oketch and Abaga Aggrey Otieno

18. No Easy Walk to Industrialisation - Reflections on Reforms of Kenyan Education and Training: Simon McGrath

19. The Influence of Schooling on Career Plans and Ambitions among Graduates of the Kenyan School System: Wanjala Kerre and Henry Oketch

20. Post-adjustment Innovations in Vocational and Technical Education in Kenya: Henry Oketch

21. The Formation of Small-scale Entrepreneurs in Ghana: Dela Afenyadu

22. Learning to Compete - Ghana Synthesis: Dela Afenyadu

23. Learning to Compete - Lessons from the Field: Kenneth King and Simon McGrath

24. Subcontracting and Outsourcing between Large and Small Enterprise - Establishing Business Linkages: Kobus Visser

25. Learning in Small Enterprises- Reflections from South Africa: Kobus Visser

26. Successful SMEs in South Africa - the Case of Clothing Producers in the Witwatersrand: Christian Rogerson

27. Education, Training and Small Enterprise in Kenya: Henry Oketch

28. The Vocational School Fallacy Revisited: Education, Aspiration and Work in Ghana, 1959-1999: Kenneth King and Chris Martin

29. Africa's Informal Economies 30 years on: Kenneth King

Note: Project papers are available on request from Dr Simon McGrath, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 7 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9LW, Scotland

E-mail: S.McGrath@ed.ac.uk
They are also available on the project website at: http://www.ed.ac.uk/~simba/PETE.html


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