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Contextualising teaching and learning in rural primary schools: Using agricultural experience - Volume 1 - Education Research Paper No. 20, 1997, 64 p.

Table of Contents


Peter Taylor and Abigail Mulhall

May 1997

Serial No. 20
ISBN: 1 86192 045 8

Department for International Development

Table of Contents

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1. Executive summary

2. Context of the research/terms of reference

2.1 Background
2.2 Purpose of the field research
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Outcomes

3. The state of primary school education in developing countries

3.1 The benefits of primary schooling
3.2 Trends in primary education provision
3.3 EFA and gender
3.4 Spending on primary education
3.5 Recent donor strategies for primary education
3.6 Constraints on primary education provision
3.7 Educational innovations
3.8 The focus of this research

4. Primary schooling in rural areas

4.1 The learning environment
4.2 Innovations at school level
4.3 Contextualising teaching and learning
4.4 Using agricultural experience as a medium for contextualisation

5. Contextualisation - Implications for practice

5.1 Contextualising teaching of a subject-based curriculum
5.2 Contextualising language
5.3 Contextualising science
5.4 Contextualising mathematics
5.5 Contextualising food, nutrition and health
5.6 Contextualising social studies
5.7 Application of the theory into practice

6. The role of agriculture as a contextualising subject in primary school education: Examples of practice from the literature

6.1 Malaysia
6.2 Uganda
6.3 Cameroon
6.4 Jordan
6.5 Papua New Guinea
6.6 Sri Lanka
6.7 Tanzania
6.8 Brazil
6.9 Kenya
6.10 India
6.11 Colombia
6.12 Ethiopia
6.13 Zambia
6.14 Guatemala
6.15 Lessons learned

7. The research study

7.1 Aims of the field research
7.2 The research questions
7.3 The research methodology
7.4 Summary of the country studies
7.5 Issues and implications from the research findings

8. Issues and implications from the research

8.1 Issues
8.2 Implications for contextualising teaching and learning
8.3 Opportunities for further research and intervention

9. References