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Multi-grade teaching - A review of research and practice - Education Research Paper No. 12, 1994, 63 p.

Table of Contents

Angela Little

January 1995

Serial No. 12

Overseas Development Administration

Table of Contents

Occasional papers on education


Chapter 1 - Multi-grade teaching: Concept and status

The persistence of the multi-grade reality towards the close of the twentieth century
The gap between the multi-grade reality, teacher education and curriculum assumptions

Chapter 2 - Lessons from developing countries

Zambia: Teacher education and support for multi-grade schools
Peru: Indigenous schools
Sri Lanka: Approaching multi-grade via multi-level teaching
The impact system of mass primary education

Chapter 3 - Research evidence on the effects of multi-grade teaching

Cognitive outcomes
Non-cognitive outcomes
The costs of multi-grade

Chapter 4 - Implications for the practice of multi-grade teaching and further research

National level
Regional/district level
Teacher/classroom level


Annotated bibliography