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School effectiveness in developing countries - A summary of the research evidence - Education Research Paper
No. 01, 1993, 25 p.

Table of Contents

David Pennycuick
Centre for International Education
University of Sussex

Serial No. 1
ISBN: 0 90250 061 9
This is a 1998 reprint of a paper originally issued in 1993

Department For International Development

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Introduction

1.1 The need for effective schools
1.2 Effectiveness and efficiency
1.3 Quality in education
1.4 Methodology of school effectiveness research

Section 2: Specific interventions

2.1 Multigrade schools
2.2 Multiple-shift schooling
2.3 Preprimary education
2.4 School physical facilities
2.5 Interactive radio instruction
2.6 Textbooks and materials
2.7 Health and school effectiveness

Section 3: Curriculum and assessment

3.1 Curriculum content and economic growth
3.2 Vocational education
3.3 Examination reform

Section 4: Teacher effectiveness

Section 5: General studies and reviews of school effectiveness in developing countries

5.1 Effectiveness
5.2 Cost-effectiveness

Section 6: Evidence from developed countries

Section 7: Policy implications

Section 8: Conclusions

8.1 Teacher quality
8.2 Books & materials
8.3 Curriculum
8.4 Teaching methods
8.5 Examinations
8.6 School facilities
8.7 School organisation
8.8 Education management
8.9 Teachability



Appendix A - Extract from terms of reference
Appendix B - Educational efficiency in developing countries (from Lockheed & Hanushek, 1988)