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CLOSE THIS BOOKRipping and Mortising - Course: Manual woodworking techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 21 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose and Application of Mortising and Ripping
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Types, Construction and Mode of Action of Mortising and Ripping Tools
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Preparation for Mortising and Ripping
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Precutting of Recess Edges by Means of Ripping Tools
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Chiselling out Recesses
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6. Ripping of Faces, Edges and Corners

1. Purpose and Application of Mortising and Ripping

Mortising and ripping are methods of the manual chip-forming woodworking technique. They serve to

- make recesses in the wood,
- prepare surfaces for joining,
- remove adherent material and glue residues.

The purpose of mortising and ripping is

- to manufacture snugly fitting wood joints by shaping the mating surfaces true to dimensions,
- to make recesses for the setting of fittings,
- to shape rough and fine wood surfaces,
- to secure a high surface quality of wood surfaces.

When mortising the tools are driven into the wood by means of a striking tool. Ripping is the finishing of the wood by guiding and pushing the tool with both hands.