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CLOSE THIS BOOKWater and Sanitation in Emergencies - Good Practice Review 1 (ODI, 1994, 120 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Objectives and Intended Audience
2. Water and Sanitation in the Context of Environmental Health
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.1 Environmental Health
3. The Operating Environment: General Considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.1 The political context
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.2 Conflict areas
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3 Technological considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.4 Climatic considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.5 Common characteristics of displaced and resident populations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.6 Social and economic considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.7 Management considerations
4. The Operating Environment: Needs Assessment, Co-ordination and Contingency Planning
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1 Assessment of needs
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2 The importance of co-ordination
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.3 The need for contingency planning within an emergency programme
5. Water: General Principles
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.1 Quantity and quality considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.2 Options for providing increasing water supply
6. Sanitation: General Principles
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2 Other sanitation considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.3 Hygiene awareness
7. Typical Scenarios
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.1 Introduction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.2 Population displacement into arid areas
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.3 Population displacement into hilly and mountainous areas
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.4 Population displacement into areas of abundant surface water
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.5 Population displacement into existing settlements
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.6 Resident population affected by drought
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.7 Resident population affected by sudden-onset disasters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.8 Emergency water and sanitation programmes in urban areas
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 1 - Further Resources
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 2 - Useful Contacts and Addresses
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 3 - Technical Guidelines
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 4 - Checklist for Environmental Health Needs Assessment
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 5 - Practical Ways to Prevent the Spread of Cholera
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 6 - A Gender Checklist for Environmental Health Actions
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 7 - Chlorine as a Water Disinfectant
VIEW THE DOCUMENTGood practice RRN review