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CLOSE THIS BOOKSurface Water Treatment by Roughing Filters - A Design, Construction and Operation Manual (SANDEC - SKAT, 1996, 180 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTExecutive summary
Part 1: General aspects of roughing filter application
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Historical development and experience with water treatment
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Water treatment concept
3. Raw water quality
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.1 Raw water characterisation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.2 Catchment area
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3 Water quality analysis
4. Solid matter separation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1 Sedimentation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2 Roughing filtration
5. Bacteriological water quality improvement
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.1 Slow sand filtration
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.2 Chlorination
6. Layout of a water supply scheme
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.1 General considerations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2 Hydraulic profile
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.3 Treatment steps
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.4 Water distribution
7. Roughing filtration application
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.1 Historic use
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.2 Development of roughing filters
Part 2: Design, construction and operation of roughing filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8. Classification of roughing filters
9. General aspects of roughing filter design
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.1 Main features
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2 Basic filtration theory
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.3 Design variables and guidelines
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.4 Flow and headloss control
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.5 Filter drainage system
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.6 General design aspects
10. Detailed filter design
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.1 Intake Filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.2 Dynamic filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.3 Vertical-flow roughing filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.4 Horizontal-flow roughing filters
11. Roughing filter efficiency
VIEW THE DOCUMENT11.1 Practical experience
VIEW THE DOCUMENT11.2 Pilot plant tests
12. Selection criteria for roughing filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT12.1 Raw water quality as selection criteria
VIEW THE DOCUMENT12.2 Layout and operational aspects as selection criteria
13. Construction of roughing filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT13.1 Filter box
VIEW THE DOCUMENT13.2 Filter material
VIEW THE DOCUMENT13.3 Inlet and outlet structures
VIEW THE DOCUMENT13.4 Drainage system
VIEW THE DOCUMENT13.5 Gravel and sand washing facilities
14. Operation and maintenance of roughing filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.1 Caretaker training
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.2 Treatment plant commissioning
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.3 Flow control
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.4 Water quality control
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.5 Filter cleaning
VIEW THE DOCUMENT14.6 Filter maintenance
15. Economic aspects
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT15.1 Construction costs
VIEW THE DOCUMENT15.2 Operating and maintenance costs
VIEW THE DOCUMENT15.3 Overall costs of water supply schemes
16. Design examples
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT16.1. Treatment of an upland river
VIEW THE DOCUMENT16.2 Treatment of a lowland stream
VIEW THE DOCUMENT16.3 Treatment of reservoir water
VIEW THE DOCUMENT16.4 Rehabilitation of a slow sand filter plant
VIEW THE DOCUMENT16.5 Standard designs for compact water treatment plants
17. Final remarks
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSimple methods for water quality analysis
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSimple methods for discharge measurements
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSalient data and features of slow sand filters
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRoughing filter theory
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPilot plant design examples
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRoughing filter design examples
VIEW THE DOCUMENTOutline for caretaker training
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMonitoring of filter operation
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAcknowledgements and credits