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CLOSE THIS BOOKThread Cutting by Dies and Taps - Course: Techniques for machining of material. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 20 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose and importance of thread cutting by dies and taps
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Construction and types of dies and taps
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Preparations for thread cutting by dies and taps
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Thread cutting by dies on simple cylindrical workpieces
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Thread cutting by dies on recessed cylindrical workplaces
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6. Thread cutting by taps on through holes
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7. Thread cutting by taps on blind holes

7. Thread cutting by taps on blind holes

The internal threads are produced by processing the workpiece surfaces by means of bores.

- work is made in the chuck.

- the workpieces are clamped in extended chuck jaws.

- the tap wrench is positioned on the square of the tap.

- the tap wrench holder is on a support.

- turn back the tap several times to remove the chips.

- the required thread depth is controlled on the quill by means of a steel band measure.

- switch off the machine 2 - 3 mm before ending the work sequence and cut the remaining thread turns by hand in order to prevent tool breakage and ensure sound quality.

- ensure proper cooling and lubrication.

- turn back the tap by hand after having completed the work sequence.

- the thread is checked by means of a thread ring mandrel.

When are dies and taps used for thread cutting?