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CLOSE THIS BOOKShearing - Course: Technique of working sheet metals, pipes and sections. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 17 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPreliminary Remarks
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHints on Labour Safety
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose of Shearing
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Tools and Machines
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. General Construction of Shears
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Mode of Operation of the Shearing Process
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Shearing Techniques
6. Sequence of Selected Shearing Operations

Hints on Labour Safety

- Use gloves when handling larger sheet metal plates - risk of getting injured.

- Only use proper and sharp shears - blade clearance must be adjusted correctly.

- Do not work with jour hands between the blades - risk of getting injured.

- Only let one person operate lever shears and guillotine machines, as for large-size sheets and long sections, a second person may help push them through from the side.

- Correctly adjust the toe dog on lever shears and shearing machines.

- Do not stay within the swiveling range of hand levers during the cutting operation.

- Secure hand lever of the lever shear after the cutting process.

- Only shear steel sections with section knives - never operate on sheets with plane shear blades, otherwise the cutting edges break off.

- Only operate shearing machines after being exactly instructed. Exactly observe the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

- Immediately throw the waste material rendered during the shearing operation into the waste container. Remaining bent rests of cuts may lead to injuries.