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CLOSE THIS BOOKManual Reaming - Course: Technique for manual working of materials. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 18 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose of reaming
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Tools for reaming
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Construction of hand reamers
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Operation of reamers
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Technological process of reaming
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6. Checking of straight reamers
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7. Indication of fits on the straight reamer
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8. Special recommendations for making conical bore holes true to size

2. Tools for reaming

Tools for reaming are the reamers. According to the mode of operation, there are hand and machine reamers which may be provided with straight or spiral-fluted cutting portion.

Reamers are adapted to their respective purpose.

Shell reamers:

They are used for large bore hole diameters; only the cutting portion consists of high-grade tool steel, the shank is made of ordinary steel.

Various cutting parts can be put on one shank.

Figure 2 - Shell reamer

Readjustable reamers:

Used for reworking of worn out bore holes as well as for making non-standardized bore holes true to size. They can be adjusted to various diameters within a small range.

Figure 3 - Readjustable reamer

Taper reamers:

Used in sets (roughing reamer, semi-finishing reamer and finishing reamer) for large machine taper joints. For smaller taper pin joints, individual reamers of various nominal diameters are used.

Figure 4 - Serial taper reamers

1 - Roughing reamer
2 - Semi-finishing reamers
3 - Finishing reamer

Structural reamers:

Used for aligning offset bore holes when making riveted joints; structural reamers are spiral-fluted, big-taper reamers of a strong cutting effect.

Figure 5 - Structural reamer