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CLOSE THIS BOOKHammering and Marking - Course: Technique for manual working of materials. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 17 p.)
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose of hammering and marking
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Tools and accessories
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Working principle of hammering
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Working techniques of hammering
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Working technique of marking
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6. Labour safety recommendations

1. Purpose of hammering and marking

Hammering is a technique of forming or straightening workpieces or increasing their strength and hardness by means of well-aimed hammer blows on sheet metal and sections.

Figure 1 Hammering

It is used in single-piece production only, in special industries and trades or repair work.

Special hammering techniques are: lengthening, curving, chasing, flanging.

Marking is a technique of punching - by means of hammers and special marking punches - letters, figures or texts into the surface of workpieces for the purpose of identifying workpieces, giving sequences for assembly operations or durably noting down dates of manufacture.

Figure 2 Marking

In modern batch or mass production such operations are performed on special machines by means of pressing, deep-drawing, bending and embossing tools