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CLOSE THIS BOOKWorking on Grinding Machines (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 10 p.)
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. The Purpose of Grinding on a Belt Grinding Machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Construction of a Belt Grinding Machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. The Grinding Tools
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. The Operation of a Belt Grinding Machine
5. The Technological Processes of Grinding

2. Construction of a Belt Grinding Machine

The construction of a belt grinding machine is explained on the example of a horizontal belt grinding machine as follows.

The horizontal belt grinding machine is a belt grinding machine with a horizontal flat belt run.

Figure 1 - Construction of the belt grinding machine

1 sand belt roller, 2 sand belt, 3 pressure shoe, 4 cover of the sand belt, 5 covering of the belt rollers, 6 stands, 7 sliding table, 8 hand wheel for fixing the height of the sliding table, 9 hand wheel for fixing the tension of the sand belt, 10 abrasive dust exhaustion, 11 stop bar

The construction includes:

The stands

Two grey cast iron stands are fast screwed together by rails. Between the two stands run the vertically adjustable sliding table and the pressure shoe on round bars. The motor with the driven belt roller is rigidly fastened on the left stand. The second belt roller for fixing the sand belt runs on bearings of the right stand.

The sliding table

The sliding table moves on round bars transverse the sand belt.

Depending on the thickness of the piece of work it is adjustable in height by a hand wheel (see Fig. 1).

Lockable recesses for grindig box shaped pieces of work are manufactured in the sliding table.

The pressure shoe

The pressure shoe is carried in pendulum bearings and movable along the sand belt.

Grinding felt is sticked to the sole of the pressure shoe. Because of the swinging bearing the grinding felt adapts to the surface of the piece of work.

Safety devices

The covering of the belt rollers and the cover of the upper free belt run belong to them.

Which belt roller runs on bearing?

Why does this belt roller run on bearings?

Why is the sliding table adjustable in height?

Why is the pressure shoe carried in pendulum bearings?