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CLOSE THIS BOOKInfant Feeding in Emergencies: A Guide for Mothers (WHO, 1997, 48 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy is breastfeeding so important?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAre commercially-made baby milks as good as breastfeeding?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy are commercially-made baby milks not so good?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBut can every woman breastfeed?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBut why don't the experts tell us this if breastfeeding is so important?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDo babies also need tea and water?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhen do babies need more than just breast-milk?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSo a sick baby should go on breastfeeding?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDo breastfed babies get fewer diseases?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBut my friend's baby got ill and he was breastfed
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSo breastfeeding is like a medicine?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPeople say that stress stops the milk, so during stressful times how can we breastfeed?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhat about women who have lost a lot of weight? Can they produce milk?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDo we need special nutrition for breastfeeding?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBut what about anaemic women? Does breastfeeding drain their strength?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSomeone told me breastfeeding stopped you getting pregnant, but isn't that just a story?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHow does breastfeeding work?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhat about women with small breasts or flat nipples?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou said the baby has a part too. What can he do?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy is the baby's suckling-action important?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHow does a baby stimulate the milk?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe first principle of breastfeeding: good attachment
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy does good attachment not always come naturally to the baby?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy does the baby not always get this right?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSometimes it is hard to get a baby close because he is swaddled and his clothing gets in the way
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEven if my baby attaches well, how can I be sure there will be enough milk?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou said earlier that milk changes during a feed. Can you explain that?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBut I thought you must feed from both breasts?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou said earlier that confidence was important but not everyone has that. What can we do?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTI know women with breastfeeding problems. Can they be helped?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMy mother told me that you always get sore nipples and you just have to put up with them
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhat about special creams for sore nipples? How can we get them during an emergency?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWith this baby-led feeding how can I be hygienic and wash my nipples?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSo if I get my baby well-attached, I will never get sore nipples?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou say breastfeeding should not hurt, but what about the engorgement that every woman gets a few days after the birth?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou mentioned blocked ducts, mastitis and abscess. Are they common and how can we treat them?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAll these problems make breastfeeding look too difficult
VIEW THE DOCUMENTYou said earlier that you can breastfeed even if you have stopped completely. How can this be done?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFood supplies can be precarious. How can we feed the babies over 6 months who need more than breast-milk alone?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhat about premature or very small babies?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTI can see the reason for expressing milk for sick or premature babies, but must all women learn to express?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHow do I express milk?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTI can see that breastfeeding is possible in most cases, but we still have to face the times when it is not possible: emergencies create orphans, abandoned babies and severely ill or wounded mothers
VIEW THE DOCUMENTIs it possible to feed a baby artificially without a bottle?
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHow do you cup-feed a baby?

You say breastfeeding should not hurt, but what about the engorgement that every woman gets a few days after the birth?

People confuse full and engorged breasts. Fullness is normal; engorgement can and should be prevented. A few days after the birth, your breasts may feel full, heavy and lumpy, but the milk flows easily. Offer your baby your breast frequently to remove the milk. Your breasts will gradually adjust to your baby's needs, and become softer and more comfortable. If the baby is ill (see section on feeding sick babies "I can see the reason for expressing milk for sick or premature babies, but must all women learn to express?") and you cannot feed her directly, then express your milk frequently to keep it flowing.

Engorgement is when your breasts are overfull with milk and are swollen with tissue fluid and the extra blood supply. The skin looks shiny and stretched, your breasts feel painful and the milk does not flow easily. It may be difficult for your baby to attach and remove the milk. Follow these instructions.

Causes and prevention of breast engorgement



· Plenty of milk

· Start breastfeeding soon after delivery

· Delay starting to breastfeed

· Ensure good attachment

· Poor attachment to breast

· Encourage unrestricted breastfeeding

· Infrequent removal of milk

· Restriction of length of feeds

Never 'rest' the breast. Always keep the milk flowing.