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CLOSE THIS BOOKRice - Fish Culture in China (IDRC, 1995, 240 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
Part I: Review and Outlook
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Fish Culture in China: The Past, Present, and Future
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Fish Culture in China: Present and Future
VIEW THE DOCUMENTScientific and Technological Development of Rice-Fish Culture in China
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDevelopment of Rice-Fish Farming in Guizhou Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTReforming Rice-Fish Culture Technology in the Wuling Mountains of Eastern Guizhou Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe Development of Rice-Fish Farming in Chongqing City
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDevelopment of Rice-Fish Farming in Jiangsu Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Fish Culture and its Macrodevelopment in Ecological Agriculture
VIEW THE DOCUMENTValue of the Rice-Fish Production in High-Yielding Areas of Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTA Comparative Study of the Ability of Fish to Catch Mosquito Larva
Part II: Patterns and Technology
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDifferent Methods of Rice-Fish Farming
VIEW THE DOCUMENTNew Techniques for Raising Fish in Flooded Ricefields
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMethods of Rice-Fish Culture and their Ecological Efficiency
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRidge-Cultured Rice Integrated with Fish Farming in Trenches, Anhui Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDevelopment of Rice-Fish Culture with Fish Pits
VIEW THE DOCUMENTTechniques Adopted in the Rice-Azolla-Fish System with Ridge Culture
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSemisubmerged Cropping in Rice-Fish Culture in Jiangxi Province
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Azolla-Fish Symbiosis
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEconomic and Ecological Benefits of Rice-Fish Culture
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCultivating Different Breeds of Fish in Ricefields
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Fish Culture in Ricefield Ditchponds
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Fish Culture in China: Zero-Tillage Ricefields
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDemonstration of High-Yield Fish Farming in Ricefields
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Azolla-Fish in Ricefields
Part III: Interactions
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMaterial Cycles and Economic Returns in a Rice-Fish Ecosystem
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFish Culture in Ricefields: Rice-Fish Symbiosis
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEcological Effects of Rice-Fish Culture
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEcological Mechanisms for Increasing Rice and Fish Production
VIEW THE DOCUMENTRice-Azolla-Fish Cropping System
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEffect of Fish on the Growth and Development of Rice
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe Role of Fish in Controlling Mosquitoes in Ricefields
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDeveloping Rice-Fish Culture in Shallow Waters of Lakes
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAbility of Fish to Control Rice Diseases, Pests, and Weeds
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDistribution and Residue of Methamidophos in a Rice-Azolla-Fish Ecosystem
VIEW THE DOCUMENTResidue and Application of Fenitrothion in a Rice-Fish Culture System
Part IV: Economic Effects
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEconomic Analysis of Rice-Fish Culture
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEconomic Research on Rice-Fish Farming
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEcology and Economics of Rice-Fish Culture