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CLOSE THIS BOOKIntroduction to Electrical Engineering - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 213 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Importance of Electrical Engineering
2. Fundamental Quantities of Electrical Engineering
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.3. Resistance and Conductance
3. Electric Circuits
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.1. Basic Circuit
3.3. Branched and Unbranched Circuits
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3.1. Branched Circuits
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3.2. Unbranched Circuits
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3.3. Meshed Circuits
4. Electrical Energy
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1. Energy and Power
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2. Efficiency
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.3. Conversion of Electrical Energy into Heat
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.4. Conversion of Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy
4.5. Conversion of Electrical Energy into Light
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.5.1. Fundamentals of Illumination Engineering
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.5.2. Light Sources
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.5.3. Illuminating Engineering
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.6. Conversion of Electrical Energy into Chemical Energy and Chemical Energy into Electrical Energy
5. Magnetic Field
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.1. Magnetic Phenomena
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.2. Force Actions in a Magnetic Field
5.3. Electromagnetic Induction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.3.1. The General Law of Induction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.3.2. Utilisation of the Phenomena of Induction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.3.3. Inductance
6. Electrical Field
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.1. Electrical Phenomena in Non-conductors
6.2. Capacity
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2.1. Capacity and Capacitor
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2.2. Behaviour of a Capacitor in a Direct Current Circuit
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2.3. Types of Capacitors
7. Alternating Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.1. Importance and Advantages of Alternating Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.2. Characteristics of Alternating Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.3. Resistances in an Alternating Current Circuit
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.4. Power of Alternating Current
8. Three-phase Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.1. Generation of Three-phase Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.2. The Rotating Field
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.3. Interlinking of the Three-phase Current
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.4. Power of Three-phase Current
9. Protective Measures in Electrical Installations
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.1. Danger to Man by Electric Shock
9.2. Measures for the Protection of Man from Electric Shock
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.1. Protective Insulation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.2. Extra-low Protective Voltage
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.3. Protective Isolation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.4. Protective Wire System
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.5. Protective Earthing
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.6. Connection to the Neutral
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2.7. Fault-current Protection
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.3. Checking the Protective Measures