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CLOSE THIS BOOKElectrical Installation - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut fr Berufliche Entwicklung, 201 p.)
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1. Protective measures against too high a contact voltage and conduct following electrical accidents
2. Power overhead-line systems
3. Laying of underground cables
4. Low-voltage switchgear and distribution systems
5. Fundamentals of installation engineering
6. Installation of emergency lighting systems
7. Mounting and connection of motors
8. Testing of installed plants


This textbook “Fundamentals of Trade - Electrical Installation” concerns all trainees working as electrical fitters or service electricians in vocations of power installation.

It contains a choice of the most important installation technologies resp. techniques to be mastered in the wide working field of installing electrical plants up to 1 kV.

A multiple of illustrations assists in understanding the text. In particular these illustrations serve for easy classification and systematizing of the individual installation activities.

For better finding the important matters “notes on essentials” were introduced being marked by a vertical line in front of the wording. Important hints on labour safety are marked by two vertical lines.

At the end of each section a summary is given being also listed in the table of contents.

This textbook is to contribute to teaching and strengthening of the basic knowledges and basic abilities to be acquired by the trainees.

Explanation of formules, circuit symbols and wiring diagrams was renounced. These may be seen from the current installation instructions.

Institut fr berufliche Entwicklung