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CLOSE THIS BOOKConcrete Block Producing Equipment (GTZ, 1991, 22 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAcknowledgements
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCriteria for selection and purchase
VIEW THE DOCUMENTChecklist for potential buyers
VIEW THE DOCUMENTParry/ITW multivibe blockmaking plant
VIEW THE DOCUMENTELLSON Vibro concrete block machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTELLSON combination plain and hollow concrete block machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTJesson Lightning static brick/paver/block machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTJesson static junior MK 2 paver/brick machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTJesson Lightning II MK 2 / Lightning IV brick/block makers
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBlocMatic 4 series blockmaking machines
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMultibloc 5, 8, 12
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFleming F - 100 block machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTM. E.V. BM 636 F blockmaking machine
VIEW THE DOCUMENTM. E. V. BM 646 F blockmaking machine


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