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CLOSE THIS BOOKBuilding with Pumice (GTZ, 1990, 86 p.)
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VIEW THE DOCUMENTAcknowledgements
1. Introduction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1.1 House Construction and Related Problems
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1.2 Turning Pumice into Building Material
2. General Information on Pumice
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.1 What is Pumice?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.2 Where is Pumice Found?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.3 What Properties Does Pumice Have?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.4 How Can Pumice Be Made into Building Members?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.5 What Kind of Buildings Can Be Made of Pumice?
3. Precast Pumice-Concrete Building Members
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.1 How is Pumice Processed?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.2 What Can You Make with Pumice?
4. Instructions for Building Pumice-Concrete Houses
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1 House with In-situ Pumice-concrete Walls
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2 House with Pumice-concrete Solid-block/brick Walls
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.3 House with Pumice-concrete Cavity-block Walls
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.4 House with Pumice-panel Walls
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.5 House with Wall-length Reinforced Pumice-concrete Hollow-core Planks as Self-supporting Wall Members
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Building with Unbonded Pumice