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CLOSE THIS BOOKNew Energy Technology (PACE, 1990, 60 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAcknowledgements
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe scientific basis for tapping energy in the vacuum
VIEW THE DOCUMENTStrategic patenting for the inventor
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMaxwell's lost unified field theory of electromagnetics and gravitation
VIEW THE DOCUMENTOrgone energy as a motor force
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe Hutchison effect - a lift and disruption system
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDevelopments in inertial thrust
VIEW THE DOCUMENT''EZKL'' - Energy zoned kinetic leverage: next generation propulsion system
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe structuring of fluidic materials by crystals
Clean energy developments
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSolar energy - The nature of natural and ''EWEC'' solar collectors
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe electro-resonance generator
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAdvances with Viktor Schauberger's implosion system
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPlastic engine technology
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPermanent magnet motors - A brief overview
VIEW THE DOCUMENTAneutronic energy - Search for nonradioactive nonproliferating nuclear power
VIEW THE DOCUMENTLUMELOID* solar plastic film and LEPCON* submicron dipolar antennae on glass
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCharged aerosol air purifiers for the suppression of acid rain
VIEW THE DOCUMENTClean engines - A combination of advanced materials and a new engine design
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDevelopments on the flexible mirror
Wireless transmission of electrical energy
VIEW THE DOCUMENTExtracting electromagnetic energy from the nonlinear Earth as a self-pumped phase conjugate mirror
VIEW THE DOCUMENTThe distribution of electrical power by means of terrestrial cavity resonator modes
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWireless transmission of power - resonating planet Earth
VIEW THE DOCUMENTA quarter-wave coaxial cavity as a power processing plant