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CLOSE THIS BOOKCriteria for the Dissemination of Biogas Plants for Agricultural Farm and Household Systems (GTZ, 1993, 25 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
2. Biogas technology
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.2. The biogas plant
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.3. Supply of dung and gas production
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2.4. The energy demand
3. The biogas dissemination programme
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.1. Geographic and climatic conditions
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.2. The biogas plant in the agricultural farm and household system
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.3. Dissemination structure
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3.4. Larger plants
4. Selected case studies
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1. Location: Sechuan/southwestern China
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2. Location: Orissa/Central India
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.3. Location: Korhogo/lvory Coast
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.4. Location: Boyolali region/Central Java
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.5. Location: Arusha region/northern Tanzania
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.6. Location: Export zone in Agadir region/Morocco
5. The project
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.1. The tasks of a demonstration phase
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.2. Tasks during the pilot phase
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.3. Tasks in the dissemination phase
6. Criteria
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.1. Excluding factors
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2. Critical factors
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.3. Ideal conditions
7. Data collection
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.1. Daily gas demand of a farm household or farm
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.2. Expected gas production
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.3. Economic efficiency
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8. Selected literature