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CLOSE THIS BOOKLow Cost Charcoal Gasifiers for Rural Energy Supply (GTZ, 1994, 49 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. What? Gasifiers?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Gasification in recent history
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Small gasifier-engine systems for rural energy supply in developing countries
4. The trouble with ''field applications''
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.1 Weak points of gasifier-engine-systems
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4.2 The problem of ''acceptance''
5. Lowering plant costs by ferrocement construction
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.1 What makes a gasifier expensive?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5.2 The construction of a ferrocement gasifier
6. Technical performance of the ferrocement gasifier
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.1 Design details
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6.2 Performance data
7. Derived technical demands for field application of gasifier-engine systems
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.1 Issues in engine operation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.2 Typical applications
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7.3 Repair and maintenance of the ferrocement gasifier
8. Non-technical aspects of gasifier operation in the field
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.1 Pro's and contras of the ''do it yourself'' approach
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.2 Community plant or private ownership?
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.3 Qualification and motivation of the operator
VIEW THE DOCUMENT8.4 Implications of non-technical issues
9. Economics of gasifier operation
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.1 How to compare gasifier costs
VIEW THE DOCUMENT9.2 Case study: Comparative costs of gasifier installations in Argentina and Malaysia
10. Concepts of future dissemination of small gasifier-engine systems
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.1 Perspectives of biomass energy
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.2 The actual limits of gasification technologies
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.3 Substitution of firewood by other biomasses
VIEW THE DOCUMENT10.4 Framework for establishing gasification technologies