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CLOSE THIS BOOKLivestock and Poultry Production (IIRR, 1992, 106 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWorkshop to revise the agroforestry technology information kit (ATIK)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTList of participants
Current program thrusts in upland development
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Integrated social forestry program (ISFP)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. National forestation program (NFP)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Forest land management agreement (FLMA)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Community forestry program (CFP)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSimple agro-livestock technology (SALT-2)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTIntensive feed garden
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCharacteristics of forage grasses for IFG
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPlant-based livestock medication
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSmall-scale cattle production
VIEW THE DOCUMENTForced-feeding technology (including Batangas cattle-fattening system)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTNative pig production
VIEW THE DOCUMENTPig-feed garden
VIEW THE DOCUMENTLow-cost goat housing
VIEW THE DOCUMENTImproving the native chicken
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFamily Backyard Poultry project
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHow to raise ducks
VIEW THE DOCUMENTNative bee production
VIEW THE DOCUMENTOn-farm fodder sources in agroforestry (trees and grasses)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTOff-farm fodder sources in agroforestry (trees and grasses)