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CLOSE THIS BOOKSoil and Water Conservation (SWC) Technologies and Agroforestry Systems (IIRR, 1992, 171 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWorkshop to revise
VIEW THE DOCUMENTList of participants
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCurrent program thrusts in Upland development
VIEW THE DOCUMENTDegradation of the uplands
VIEW THE DOCUMENTNutrient cycles in upland farms
VIEW THE DOCUMENTEstablishing an swcsystem
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFarm management practices that reinforce SWC
VIEW THE DOCUMENTTraditional soil and water conservation (SWC) technologies
Options for contour farming:
VIEW THE DOCUMENTLand management practices for improved water conservation
VIEW THE DOCUMENTMaking an A-frame
VIEW THE DOCUMENTControlling Cogon and Talahib
VIEW THE DOCUMENTUse of derris as botanical pesticide
VIEW THE DOCUMENTFire control in the uplands
VIEW THE DOCUMENTCultural management of pest infestation
Organic fertilizer sources:
VIEW THE DOCUMENTSelection of cover crops
VIEW THE DOCUMENTBatao in the upland. Cropping system
VIEW THE DOCUMENTIncreasing the woody contents in leaf litter
Examples of indigenous agroforestry systems:

List of participants

Authors/Resource Persons

1. Ms. Nita Abena
Veterinarian, Appropriate Technology Unit
Intemational Institute of Rural
Reconstruction (IIRR)
Silang 4118, Cavite

2. Ms. Emma Aguilar
Community Development Officer
DENR-CENRO, Barotac Nuevo, lloilo

3. Mr. Pio B. Apostol
CDA/Project Leader Patlabawon
ISF Upland Farmers Association, Inc.
Patlabawon, Patnongon, Antique
c/o DENR Region 6, lloilo City

4. Mr. Laurito Arizala Crops Specialist IIRR
Silang 4118, Cavite

5. Dr. Edwin Balbarino Field Coordinator,
Matalom Upland Dev't.
Project Farm and Resource Management Institute
(FARMI) VISCA, Baybay, Leyte

6. Mr. Carlos S. Basilio
Agricultural Administration Specialist IIRR,
Silang 4118, Cavite

7. Mr. Cristituto G. Bual
Assistant Section Chief,
Extension Services Division Southern Mindanao
Agricultural Programme (SMAP) Bago Oshiro, Davao City

8. Mr. Agustin Calanao
Nazuni Dingle, lloilo

9. Mr. Jose D. Cansancio
CDA llfiorest Community Organizer
DENR-Upland Development Program Region Xl-4A,
Digos, Davao del Sur

10. Mr. LapuAapu Cema President,
Mag-uugmad Foundation, Inc. (MFI)
3-2 Rodriguez Apartment, Pelaez St.,
Cebu City Tel. No. 220197

11. Dr. Roberto E. Coronel
Associate Professor,
Institute of Plant Breeding University of the Philippines
at Los Baos College, Laguna

12. Mr. Ricardo El. S. Dayrit
Specialist, Livestock Production IIRR,
Silang 4118, Cavite

13. Ms. Maxima Dandasan
Farmer UDP/Sungay Upland Farmers Golden Harvest Assn.
Sungay, Alubijid, Misamis Oriental

14. Mr. Terrence E. Davis
Extension and Training Specialist Southern
Mindanao Agricultural Program (SMAP) Department of Agriculture
Daveo City
Tel. No. 82-79767; Fax No. 82-2766

15. Dr. Reynaldo dela Cruz
Professor, Department of Forest Biological Sciences
College of Forestry, UPLB, College, Laguna
Tel. No. 94-2725J94 2773; Fax No. 94-2721

16. Dr. Zosimo dela Rosa
Associate Professor, FARMI-VISCA
Farmers' Village, VISCA, Baybay, Leyte
Tel. No. 521-2027

17. Ms. Ines Fehman
Volunteer, Appropriate Technology Unit
International Institute of Rural Reconstnuction (IIRR)
Silang 4118, Csvite

18. Dr. Pam Femandez
Agronomy Department
University of the Philippines at Los Batlos
College, Laguna

19. Mr. Rutino C. Garcia
Research Associate
Departnent of Forest Biological Science
UPLB, College, Laguna

20. Mr. Bill Granert
Managing Director
Sell and Water Conservation Foundation
P.O. Box 309, Cebu City
Tel. No. 92312/5528; Fax No. 922312

21. For. Nick Iscala
Social Forestry Department
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Vsayas Awl, Dilirnan, Quezon City

22. Ms. Aida B. Lapis
Supervising Science Research Specialist
Ecosystem Research and Development
Bureau (ERDB)
College, Laguna
Tel. No. 2269 loc. 267; Fax No. 6394-3628

23. Dr. Rodel Lasco
Assistant Professor UPLB Agroforestry Program College of Forestry UPLB
College, Laguna Tel. No. 2599/3657/2657 Fax No. (94) 32-06

24. Dr. Ulysses Lustria
Director of Extension and Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines at Los Bahos College,
Laguna Tel. No. 3358

25. Mr. Roger Magbanua Intennational
Rice Research Institute (IRRI) P.O. Box 933, Manila

26. Mr. Dominador A. Martinez
Project Director Quirino Livelihood
Concept and Development Resource Center,
Inc. Aglipay, Quirino 3403 Tel. No. 076-692-5058

27. Ms. Ophelia Q. Nate
Community Development Officer
Suqui, Caiapan, Oriental Mindoro

28. Mr. Armando M. Palijon
Assistant Professor
UPLB College of Forestry
College, Laguna
Tel. No. 2599

29. Dr. Ben Parker
Institute of Animal Science University
of the Philippines at Los Baos College, Laguna

30. Mr. Raquelito M. Pastores
Assistant Director/Agroforestry
Specialist IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

31. Dr. Agustin Pihol
Supervising Science Research Specialist ERDB,
College, Laguna Tel. No. 2229

32. Mr. Glorioso Quihones
Farmer Liquida, Caba, La Union

33. Ms. Rosalinda S. Reaviles
Science Research Specialist II ERDB,
College, Laguna Tel. No. 2229/2269/2481

34. Mr. Gregorio D. Reyes
Chief, Science Research Specialist and Division Chief
Upland Farms Ecosystem Research Division ERDB,
College, Laguna Tel. No. 3481/2269/2229 loc. 230

35. Mr. NestorRodemo
Appropriate Technology Unit IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

36. Mr. Romeo San Buenaventura
Agroforestry Technician
IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

37. Seed Science and Technology
Division Staff Department of Agronomy
University of the Philippines at Los Baos College, Laguna

38. Ms. Carol Stoney
Agroforester, Winrock International
c/o ARMP, P.O. Box 290, Bogor 16001, Indonesia
Tel. No. 62 (251) 323-325
Fax No. 62 (251) 328489/325-251

39. Mr. Henrylito D. Tacio
Staff Writer Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center (MBRLC)
Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

40. Dr. Frederico Villamayor
Professor PRCRTC, VISCA Baybay,
Leyte Tel. No. 521-2027 (Pasay Office)

Steering Committee

41. For. Domingo Bacalla
Chief, Social Forestry Division DENR,
Visayas Ave., Diliman, a c.

42. For. Moises Butic
Social Forestry Division DENR,
Visayas Ave., Diliman, Q.C.

43. Ms. Rowena Cabahug
Research Associate UPLB
Agroforestry Program College of Forestry,
UPLB, College, Laguna Te. No. 2657/3657

44. Dr. Romulo del Castilo
Director, UPLB Agroforestry
Program College of Forestry UPLB, College, Laguna

45. Ms. Remedios S. Evangelista Sodal
Forestry Division DENR, Visayas Ave., Diliman, Q.C.

46. Dr. Julian Gonsalves
Director Appropriate Technology
Unit/Communication Department IIRR,
Silang 4118, Cavite

47. Mr. Scott Killough Deputy Director Appropriate Technology Unit IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

48. Prof. Nestor Lawas Agronomy Department UPLB, College, Laguna

49. Mr. Jaime P. Ronquillo
Assistant Director
Communication Department
IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite


50. Mr. Albert Baez
UGSAD Editorial and Visual Arts Association, Inc.
Lincoln Bend, Parkwood Greens, Pasig, M.M.

51. Mr. Boy Belardo
IIRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

52. Mr. Ric Cantada ilRR, Silang 4118, Cavite

53. Mr. Henry Cruz

54. Mr. Mitchell Doren
UGSAD Editorial and Visual Arts Association, Inc.
Lincoln Bend, Parkwood Greens
Maybunga, Pasig, Metro Manila

55. Mr. Bemabe Remoquillo
Institute of Development Communication
UPLB, College, Laguna


56. Mrs. Lyn C. Doren
IIRR, Silang, Cavite

57. Ms. Carmenia May Magno
IIRR, Silang, Cavite
Administrative Support Staff

58. Lhai Kasala

59. Jel Montoya

60. Gigi Naval

61. Angie Poblete

62. Ariel Madlangsakay

63. Secretarial Support Services

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