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CLOSE THIS BOOKBetter Farming Series 23 - Coffee (FAO - INADES, 1977, 36 p.)
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Where coffee is grown
VIEW THE DOCUMENTWhy coffee is grown
Choosing the seeds or seedlings
Growing the seedlings
Choosing a site and preparing the plantation
Taking care of the plantation
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHarvesting the berries
VIEW THE DOCUMENTProcessing the coffee beans
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Why coffee is grown

3. People grow coffee trees in order to sell coffee to foreign countries.

In certain countries of Europe people drink a lot of coffee, but the coffee tree does not grow in their own countries.

They buy coffee from Africa.

The countries of Africa earn a lot of money by selling their coffee.

With this money, they can build schools and dispensaries, they can make roads and modernize the country.

For several African countries (Ivory Coast, Uganda Cameroon), coffee is an Important export crop.

But there are many countries in the world which produce coffee.

Often there Is too much coffee on the market and poor- quality coffee la difficult to sell.

Foreign countries buy

· good- quality coffee at a good price;

· they do not pay much for coffee of poor quality.

The grower must produce good coffee beans.

To produce coffee beans of good quality the grower must:

· choose his seeds and grow his seedlings carefully
· choose a good site for his plantation and prepare It well
· tend his plantation well and prune his coffee trees
· harvest the berries and prepare the beans properly.