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CLOSE THIS BOOKBetter Farming Series 21- Wet Paddy or Swamp Rice (FAO - INADES, 1977, 40 p.)
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People need more rice to eat
How to get good yields
Making a rice nursery
Preparing the soil in the rice field
Taking care of the rice field
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How to grow Chinese rice

43. Chinese varieties of rice have a short cycle, which means that they grow fast, in 4 months.

In regions where there is water all the year round, 2 crops can be grown each year.

· Nursery.

If you want to plant 1 hectare of rice field, sow a nursery of 400 square metres.

Sow 12 kilogrammes of seed per 100 square metres. Apply fertilizers to a nursery of 100 square metres as follows:

1.2 kg of ammonium sulfate

1.5 kg of superphosphate of lime

1.7 kg of potassium chloride.

· Transplanting.

Transplant when the seedlings are 2 weeks old. Plant 4 to 5 seedlings per seed hole.
Leave 25 centimetres between rows and 25 centimetres between seed holes.

· Fertilizing and weeding.

After your first weeding, for every hectare of rice field apply:

100 kg of ammonium sulfate 50 kg of superphosphate of lime 35 kg of potassium chloride.

After your second weeding, for every hectare, apply:

200 kg of ammonium sulfate

100 kg of superphosphate of lime 65 kg of potassium chloride.

The seedlings are planted further apart; therefore more weeds will grow. You must weed often.