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About Us

Faith And Sustainable Technologies


Faith And Sustainable Technologies is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed to assist the poor of this world. It is our desire to share the gospel, and hope, in practical ways by demonstrating a lifestyle that pleases God and sharing information that can empower the poor to receive the blessings of God firsthand.

This web site exists to share the vision and progress of Faith And Sustainable Technologies (F.A.S.T.) and provide information to those doing similar work to break the cycle of poverty and dependence prevalent in the developing world.

It is our desire to be an encouragement and information resource for all who come here and especially to those who preach the good news of the gospel of Christ by assisting the poor and underprivileged of this world to experience the life of Christ firsthand by living out biblical principles of good stewardship, wise decisions and hard work.

The information on this website is provided free of charge with no cost or obligation.  We do, however, accept tax deductible donations to help fund the development and implementation of the work of F.A.S.T.  Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated and will be faithfully put to that work.  At this time all administration duties are voluntary to keep overhead low and put the money where it is intended.  Thank You for your contribution!!

Travis W. Hughey

Pres., Faith And Sustainable Technologies