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Welcome to FAST Online

Jul 14, 2013   //   by TravisH   //   FAST Blog  //  28 Comments

FAST online now has a new website. We have provided many materials here to help you get started on your journey for a self sustaining lifestyle. Please feel free to leave comments below.


  • Wow!! LOVE your new website!! Zach did an awesome job!

    • YES HE DID!! He is an awesome blessing gifted by Yehovah for sure!!

  • Found you through New 2 Torah. It is awesome what you did for those guys, and the rest of us who are prepping! We have our barrels, and plenty of property, slowly collecting materials to start our garden! Thank you for the help!

  • Wow! This is really solid info, thanks so much for putting this out on the web for others to have I just hope people get involved with this info and use it to create self sufficiency. This type of info is what will save our great nation and many around the globe. Just Plain Awesome!

  • Amazing stuff! God bless you!

  • Thanx for all the great info. I recently relocated from NY to Upstate SC. I’d love to take a tour of your greenhouse or maybe volunteer for a day if possible. I have already built one system in NY and am getting ready to build one down here as well. I’ve got a few videos on YT of my build in NY. My name over there is ClickLC1500.


  • Hey Travis,

    Saw your info on New 2 Torah, the amount of work you have put into this is amazing! I will be relocating to AZ soon and will be getting this set up ASAP. I tried to make a donation with a VISA card and I am not getting through I will get back on when I get home and do it by paypal!

    God Bless you!

    • Thank you so much!1 Any assistance is greatly appreciated to keep this website resource available to the masses.

  • Hi Travis!
    I also found you through New 2 Torah and you Rock! I have been interested in starting an Aquoponics farm for a couple of years, and sad to say, there are a lot of people in the business, not to help, but to only make the money. You are different and definitely a gift from Yehovah to all of us.
    I have a settlement coming and plan to use it to purchase some land and set up the BarrelPonics system. The plan is to be off-grid and for the community, and to teach the community how to do this for themselves.
    Do you have any advice on someone new at this, that wants to build this for teaching others.

    Many Blessings,
    Rev. Rita

    • Best advice I can give is start small, gain experience and build on that experience.

  • Hi Travis,
    I have started a 10 barrel half system similar to the one you put together for new2torah. I need a little more information to get it up and running. I used your manual for the basics then the larger system photos for other parts. I have not found an inexpensive source for clay pellets for this many barrels. Also I need to know what size pipes were used to make the water leveling system. It looks like 1.5 inch or maybe 2 inch. I am concerned that if I use the wrong size it will adversely effect the water flow. I would appreciate any information that you could offer to help me overcome the last few obstacles to my system start-up.

    • I don’t know of any inexpensive place to buy clay pellets. I use river gravel. Balance tube size is 1″.

  • I donated to your site because of a video I saw on New 2 Torah. then I tried to download a manual on barrel aquaponics….to no avail. Is there a technical issue or have I been taken over the cliffs because of my good nature?

    • Hello Michael, were you able to download the manual? I just tried it and it opened fine.


  • Are you in Florida?
    We are looking for a source to buy (50-100) tilapia for our aquaponic system preferably in Florida. Any ideas? We need them soon!

    • We live in South Carolina. We might be able to ship you some though. Details can be found at myaquafarm.com.


  • Thanks anyway, Travis, we have several leads locally. My family lived in Beaufort for 6 years.
    Good memories…

  • Hi Travis! Like several others, we found you through New2Torah. They built an amazing system. We are looking to build a system & in putting your blog to good use we will be starting small (5 barrels so 1/4 of what y’all set) & working up to what Travis built with the 10 barrels. I have a couple of questions. We live in Enterprise, (Lower) Alabama – 30 minutes from Dothan & 90 miles North of Panaman City Beach, Destin, etc. What type of fish do you suggest? How many fish for a 5 barrel system? Also, are there plants that cannot be grown in your half barrel system? Root vegetables? Squash? Cucumbers? etc? Thank you in advance for any guidance / suggestions.

    Tami Ziglar

    • With a 10 barrel half system you’re probably going to have a fish tank in the neighborhood of 250 gallons. I’d use tilapia. About 200 3″ fingerlings to start and cull the ones that don’t grow as well to make room for those who do.

      As far as plants that haven’t done well, Irish potatoes have never done well for me in an aquaponcis system. Most everything else does. Some, like tomatoes, cukes and squash, require trellising.

  • I live in southern California. Will you be coming to this area anytime soon? We are having a serious drought problem and I think we could use your help. There is a large church near my house with around 10,000 members that may want to listen to your ideas. Email me if you if it could be a possibility.

  • Hello Travis, I was recently directed to your Barrel-Ponics document and then found your website. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and sharing to educate/enabling others to grow sustainable foods. You listed the foods you have grown. I didn’t see squash or field peas listed. Are these not suited for aquaponics?

    • Squash can work if trellised. The same with field peas.

  • In the plans for the barrelponics, I was reading it as 12 bags of 50#’s each of gravel for the 2 half barrels. Is this correct? Do I need 60 bags of gravel for 5 split barrels of 10 beds?? Is the number 12 possibly a size of bag or something It just sounds like too much gravel. Thanks, I am getting the barrels delivered tomorrow and the only remaining item is the gravel for the beds and the odds and ends plumbing parts from Home Depot, which won’t have to be delivered.
    Please advise. I have been wanting to do this for 5 years and I am feeling that this really needs to be the year. Our church has a mobile food bank we take part in with one of the local schools 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. We started off with 25 families coming for assistance. Last Saturday they gave donated items to 120 families. (not individuals – families) There are a lot of people out of work who aren’t being counted on the “out of work” statistics.
    They used to not let them bring anything that was not in a box or can, but they are accepting fruits, and vegetables now. I want to grow enough to have something for it on the 2 Satuirdays a month.
    Thanks for any advice/suggestions you might have.

    • The gravel quantity is correct. When buying gravel for larger systems look into landscape companies. You can usually buy it in bulk.

  • Great manual and information. I saw pictures of large systems with 10 or more grow beds. Where can I find instructions for those? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Praise to the Almighty!

    • The larger systems are just expansions of the system in the Barrel-ponics Manual. I’d suggest built the small system, l;earn and expand on your gained knowledge.

  • Hi Travis,
    I first saw you on a Utube while you were helping a bunch of guys build an aquaponics set up. I have been working mainly with dutch bucket gardening and have a 25 bucket set up for growing all the vegetables our family can eat (Tomatoes beans, peas, lettuce, peppers, strawberries and onions). I am really interested in adding an aquaponics system to my garden and am looking at getting some IBC containers and barrels to kick it off this summer. I was really interested to see that you are a Christian working with mission work in countries where this technology would be very valuable. I have been on missions trips to India to work with the indigenous pastors in the outer villages and they could really benefit from setting up a system. Maybe some day we could collaborate on a trip. I am also a Christian and will be praying for your ministry to succeed and thrive just like your planting systems.

    God Bless you,

    • Thank you for the kind comments and Blessings to you and your as well!!

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