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Welcome to FAST Online

Jul 3, 2013   //   by TravisH   //   Uncategorized  //  4 Comments

Fast Online now has a new look at its website. We have included many articles to help get you started on your path to a self sustaining lifestyle.


  • This page is intentionally left blank. No, seriously….You need to put in some content for us readers. Ths PDF’s are great though. Thanks.

  • What an awesome ministry! What are you up to lately? Would love to read about it!

  • I just discovered your website by watching an off grid aquaponics video on youtube you posted. I have been watching and learning about aquaponics for years now and am about to start building one myself. I was particularly intrigued with your supply and drainage systems in the video, especially the easy way you can adjust the flow to individual grow beds and equalize the maximum capacity level. My specific question today is, why don’t you use siphon valves instead of using that big elevated tank and valve system. It seems like building an extra tank just to use for filling grow beds is a lot of unnecessary work if you can use siphon valves instead.

  • Hello Dave,
    The reason I use a flood tank and valve is for adjustability. The flood valve can work with flow rates well outside the parameters of the various types of siphons these days whether loop, bell, etc… My flood valve will operate on flow rates as low as 10gph. Something you’d not see in a siphon large enough to evacuate the system properly. A fast flood slow drain type system also allows for better aeration of the media in the growbeds and there is a longer time while the beds are empty promoting better root health. There are many designs out there and everyone will tell you there is the only way. Not so here. I think people just need to get growing whatever design they settle on. Hope this explains it.


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